What Family Business Milestones Do You Celebrate?

Some firms love to celebrate every family business milestone, while others only focus on the failures. Which important moments deserve recognition, and which ones are too self-aggrandizing? In the Age of Instagram, strangers are quick to point out an inflated ego or a problem. Therefore, creating an image where they might not realize that your […]

Continuity Planning: Why It’s Important to Your Brand and Family

Even wildly successful brands can feel defeated and it often stems from poorly prepared leaders. Without continuity planning, transitions can become a rocky experience for everyone. Not all firms enjoy family business succession planning, so they often put it off. In the meantime, the cracks in your foundation begin to get worse. We’ve seen firsthand […]

Family Business Leadership: How to Survive a Crisis

Many family business leadership groups struggle with a crisis or an emergency. You can only plan for so many problems before being caught off guard. Even trying to correct a course of action can have undesired effects. Your family business may need help from outside of your immediate organization. At Positively People, we help brands […]

Essential Ways to Strengthen Your Brand With Family Business Planning

What makes family business planning complex is that no two companies started exactly the same way. While some used careful strategic designs, other firms began by accident. That alone isn’t a problem, but reinforcing the fundamentals can oftentimes cause friction. Unfortunately, you may doom your brand’s future without implementing some basic elements.  Positively People can […]

Family Business Meetings and Leveraging Virtual Platforms

One thing that many firms struggled with over the pandemic was staying connected. Even family business meetings had to pivot to virtual platforms. Many of these companies previously met with little technology which created a challenging transition. Today, many professionals still struggle with making the most of their remote systems. We assist increasingly more firms […]

Learning from Others’ Mistakes With Family Business Succession Planning

No one enjoys seeing an established brand throwing in the towel and calling it quits. Unfortunately, many companies fail when they don’t have family business succession planning. That being said, failure is one of the best teachers we can have. Learning from the mistakes of others before repeating similar problems can be very helpful. We […]

Welcoming the Next Generation of Leaders With Family Business Succession Planning

One of the most challenging steps for future success is family business succession planning. No two firms have the exact resources, challenges, or insight as others. That doesn’t mean that family business succession needs to feel impossible.  No family business is immune to the pitfalls facing public companies. That becomes especially true as the original […]

Family Governance Can Make or Break Your Business

Everyone knows that emotionally invested board members are vital for sustained growth. However, including family governance adds another layer of challenges to your brand. One of the first moves is by reevaluating your continuity planning efforts to include more responsibilities. However, you will still need to figure out who you want to incorporate into your […]

Family Governance Thrives with Diversity

It’s easy to lose count of how often we preach about diversifying assets and investments. Family governance groups should consider this concept also, because they can fall into the trap of including like minds only. Not only should you seek out different opinions but consider your structure as well.  Your family business will need to […]

Family Business Financing Succession: What is Your Firm Worth?

One of the most vital decisions is family business financing succession. It’s also a point of contention for those who feel undervalued. Family business succession planning prevents surprises from happening, especially when changing hands. Whether they cash out or take over, everyone needs to be informed. It often takes a continuity planning service to ensure […]