Family Business

Family Business Consulting

Family-owned businesses have a long history of being among the most profitable and respected companies in any country. Family owners are known for their vision, capacity to create jobs over time (which can be crucial during economic downturns), strong values that contribute positively towards society at large – all qualities shared by many successful family firms today too!

That being said, family businesses also come with their own set of unique challenges. Family members can often have different visions for the company, leading to conflict and tension. In addition, it can be difficult to maintain continuity across generations, especially if the eldest family members are no longer involved in the business.

That’s where family business consulting comes in. A family business consulting firm can provide support and guidance to family businesses as they navigate these challenges. They can help with succession planning, conflict resolution, and maintaining continuity across generations. Family business advisors can also provide valuable insights on how to grow the company

Family Governance Consulting

We bring global knowledge and experience to help you craft the appropriate governance frameworks so that your family or business can resolve its issues in an effective way. Our Family Busines Governance services help define what these bodies will be responsible for, which may include discussions on Family Councils, Owners’ Councils Advisory Boards etc., all designed specifically towards helping families run their businesses better than ever before! We believe that a company’s board of directors is the most important governing body in any organization. That’s why at Positively People we work with you to identify your leadership gaps and develop independent candidates for open spots on the board who will be able not only to lead but also to guide future decisions as they arise so long after our help has been invaluable!

Founder and Next Generation Transitions

When a family business transitions to the next generation, it faces an emotional and challenging issue that must be prepared for in advance. This process needs thoughtful planning instead – not managed as simply one day deciding what will happen when things get too difficult or unmanageable!

The founder’s legacy is at stake; there could potentially never again see someone like them take control over their company because some people may have a vested interest like whether they own equity shares in the business. As the founder transitions out, they need to ensure that their company’s culture and values are upheld.

We help family companies with family business succession planning. We help plan for the transition by obtaining an accurate picture of their existing talents and motivations, benchmarking them against top internal resources (especially in a critical phase) as well as external partners/companies who can provide assistance during this time when founders are transitioning. We analyze potential opportunities with regards to future strategy; while also taking into account what is desired vision amongst other things like socio-economic climate or environmental factors which may affect business growth positively/negatively. We help families preserve the legacy of a business by ensuring objectivity and meritocracy in appointments. Our team will evaluate your next-generation leaders to find their fitting roles, as well develop plans for grooming these individuals so that they can fully realize his/her potential with our objective eye on what’s best for you now while looking at long-term success!

Positively Assured Results

We are a long-term, focused team that has the same values and philosophy as family firms. We know how to navigate through challenges in an entrepreneurial environment because we specialize with respect for these things too! We help you make better people decisions for critical roles, increase leaders’ readiness to take on bigger challenges, and build a sustainable talent pipeline. We do this by providing innovative leadership development programs that are rooted in the latest research on performance improvement strategies tailored towards the diverse needs of organizations across industries like yours!