How to Better Organize Your Family Business Meetings

Planning family business meetings can oftentimes feel like herding cats. How do you make your sessions not only engaging but also effective? Your meetings shouldn’t just waste an hour of everyone’s time, but instead to keep everyone better informed. These gatherings can also help to reinforce roles, responsibilities, and knowledge. It’s also easy for a […]

Family Governance and Engaging the Younger Generation

Even as they grow older, it’s always a challenge to keep the younger generation engaged. Without seeking family governance, you may lose them from the brand. While some owners may see that as a blessing, you shouldn’t discount them right away. Younger members offer a unique perspective that many family business firms need. It’s best […]

Adopting Multi-Generation Communication Skills Within Family Governance

One issue that family governance groups often face is poor communication. Specifically, including the younger organization members in discussions both great and small. Too often, the blame gets placed on those who feel excluded by the family business. Older members may not realize that they are actively glossing over them. Rather than wait for younger […]

8 Elements of Success in a Family Business Foundation

The past few decades have seen an increase in people starting a family business foundation. However, you don’t see too many firms lasting beyond the first generation. As people give back to their community, families join forces to maximize their impact. However, that can mean that the firm quickly came together without a sturdy foundation. […]

Why are Family Business and Board Evaluations Important?

The right board of directors will keep a family business successful. Unfortunately, not all brands understand how to seek out influential members. Evaluations should occur often to ensure your firm stays on the correct path. When they don’t, your company fails to utilize resources as effectively. Our experienced advisors know how to guide your firm’s […]

Family Business and You: Developing an Owner’s Mindset

A successful family business is one that not only profits but benefits its community. That includes both their immediate neighborhoods and the entire nation’s improvement. However, it takes an effective owner to include others in their vision. When success extends beyond your headquarters, ownership becomes a critical role to fill. Without family business succession planning, […]

The Importance of Harmony in Family Business

Reality TV always focuses on toxic relationship dynamics instead of healthy ones. Unfortunately, some people believe this is the norm for every family business. It doesn’t take an MBA to know how counterproductive that is. When there’s harmony at home, there’s also peace at work. Family businesses add an entire dimension into the mix when […]

Finding Tomorrow’s Leaders with Family Business Succession Planning

Transitioning to the next group of leaders is a significant milestone. It’s also when it’s crucial to begin family business succession planning. Unfortunately, not every firm has a roadmap in place to guide them. Installing a new leadership team can sometimes feel like a hostile takeover. Rather than try and mimic the current group, it’s […]

Family Business Success Requires Reinvesting in Your Family

People throughout the world dream of having a generational family business. Success, unfortunately, isn’t guaranteed, even in the most tight-knit group of relatives. Many firms make the mistake of keeping non-employee members away. Their insight shouldn’t be discounted, especially for a future family business succession. There is a lot of value in including these members […]

Defining What is Most Important for Your Family Business Values

Have you defined what your family business values are? If not, you’re not alone. Not every firm fully understands what its brand stands for every day. Like any organization, values should be clearly defined at the top. Too often, family members fail to learn or care what these attitudes reflect. When your family business feels […]