What Family Business Milestones Do You Celebrate?

A woman's hand holding a sparkle in celebrating family business milestonesSome firms love to celebrate every family business milestone, while others only focus on the failures. Which important moments deserve recognition, and which ones are too self-aggrandizing?

In the Age of Instagram, strangers are quick to point out an inflated ego or a problem. Therefore, creating an image where they might not realize that your firm has accomplished so much.

Positively People wants to help you improve your firm wherever we can. In this blog article, we talk about a few achievements that deserve a little recognition. 

Victories are Core Advantages

Success rarely happens by accident alone in business. However, if you achieved even minor victories, it’s likely thanks to your brand’s strengths. Now is a great time to better explore what led your company to that moment. You may discover something unique that no one had noticed before.

That can include anything from relentless optimism to a better understanding of financial statements. You can also learn what milestones you may have missed with family business consulting services.

Let Success Write Your Company’s History

When your firm achieves a significant goal, it should be celebrated. Or, at the very least, record a corporate history of your company’s success. As time marches forward, you will have enough wins to really look back and see where you started and how far you’ve come.

Showing future generations which milestones mattered the most could help guide leaders later on as well. You can also decide what your brand should pursue next with a family business advisory.

Truly Celebrate Special Occasions

Turning a significant milestone into a family-wide celebration boosts morale and promotes togetherness. That can include outdoor activities, food, laughter, or a swanky catered meal. It could become an annual tradition to look forward to if it goes well.

Even actions as simple as capturing a group photo can become a milestone memento. Another advantage that a family brand has are the ones supporting you from the outside. 

Interview Prominent Figures and Older Members

Every generation says they wish they could have another conversation with those who passed. The next best thing is to interview those family members today. These days, anyone can record a video message with near-professional results. Or you could splurge on a professional videographer for improved quality.

Use these messages to remember them after they are no longer with us. Younger and older relatives alike will be thrilled to see and hear from them again.

Don’t Sugarcoat the Past

Some family businesses don’t want to face the skeletons in their company’s closet. Avoiding the less-than-proud moments offers an honest assessment for future generations. Too often, companies allow their egos to get in the way of the right decision. Family governance advisors can also help keep this on track.

Others will respect your past when you own up to mistakes and address how they handled them. As well as what worked and what didn’t.  A family business should hold itself to the same standards as other organizations.

Contact Us to Embrace Your Milestones

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