We excel at providing tailored consulting services for ensuring generational continuity in family-owned and tightly held business.

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Welcome to Positively People Africa

Your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of family business continuity and succession planning across East Africa and beyond. Committed to cultivating enduring growth and prosperity within family-owned enterprises. 

We offer bespoke continuity and succession planning services, acknowledging the unique cultural, economic, and familial dynamics of East African businesses. Our approach is holistic, addressing not only the technical aspects of succession but also the emotional and relational facets that ensure a seamless transition.

We are poised to accompany you through every stage of your endeavor for multi-generational triumph. Meeting client families exactly where they are, we provide potent solutions informed by cutting-edge research and more than two decades of unparalleled experience in the family business enterprise arena.

Our Steadfast Mission

We provide indispensable educational resources and expert consultancy, paying homage to a Founder’s legacy while equipping the Next Generation of leaders to flourish and propel the family enterprise forward. By focusing on continuity and succession planning, fortified governance structures, and adept navigation of family dynamics.

The Challenges Facing Family-Owned Businesses in East Africa

East Africa, like many vibrant economies, is home to a multitude of family-owned businesses that form the backbone of its commercial landscape. However, the journey of these enterprises is not without its challenges. Recent events, such as the collapses of giant retail stores in the last 5 years have highlighted the pressing need for effective succession planning and conflict resolution within family businesses.

While 88% of African family businesses consider their family businesses as their most critical asset, only 16% make it to the third generation and grow their assets, and of that 16% only 4% are SMEs.

Of those who fail to mature into the third generation 84% are at risk of losing a significant portion of their wealth due to various reasons such as failed mergers, family conflicts, or lack of a succession or exit strategy.

Real Success Stories

Hear from our clients about their transformative experiences working with Positively People’s Africa. From navigating generational transitions to forging impactful partnerships, these testimonials highlight the tangible results and lasting impact of our collaboration.

"Dr. Jean and her entire team are world class consultants who deeply understand the dynamics of the G2, G3 and G4. Through her invaluable experience, our family transitioning from G2 to G3 was able to align and engage with her and each other, through effective and efficient modes of communication and coordination. She brought the whole family together on this journey; creating a shared vision, motivating each other, raising expectations, promoting trust and achieving a structure that will allow for an enterprise and large family to thrive for generations. A game changer. Truly world class."
Mayur Shah
G2 Family Member, Managing Director of Kenafric Group

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