Family-Owned Enterprise

Next Gen Leadership Coaching

Founder and Next Generation Transitions

When a family business transitions to the next generation, it faces an emotional and challenging issue that must be prepared for in advance. This process needs thoughtful planning instead – not managed as simply one day deciding what will happen when things get too difficult or unmanageable!

The founder’s legacy is at stake; there could potentially never again see someone like them take control over their company because some people may have a vested interest like whether they own equity shares in the business. As the founder transitions out, they need to ensure that their company’s culture and values are upheld.

We help family companies with family business succession planning. We help plan for the transition by obtaining an accurate picture of their existing talents and motivations, benchmarking them against top internal resources (especially in a critical phase) as well as external partners/companies who can provide assistance during this time when founders are transitioning. We analyze potential opportunities with regards to future strategy; while also taking into account what is desired vision amongst other things like socio-economic climate or environmental factors which may affect business growth positively/negatively. We help families preserve the legacy of a business by ensuring objectivity and meritocracy in appointments. Our team will evaluate your next-generation leaders to find their fitting roles, as well develop plans for grooming these individuals so that they can fully realize his/her potential with our objective eye on what’s best for you now while looking at long-term success!

Hear what others are saying

"Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is more than 250 years old; our people and progress are at the heart of our success. Since 2015 we have worked closely with Positively People as a key partner for our leadership development programming. Using their Everything DiSC and team-building resources, Positively People has engaged with over 1400+ leaders passionately supporting our work to advance our region."
Bryan Derreberry
"Dr. Jean and her entire team are world class consultants who deeply understand the dynamics of the G2, G3 and G4. Through her invaluable experience, our family transitioning from G2 to G3 was able to align and engage with her and each other, through effective and efficient modes of communication and coordination. She brought the whole family together on this journey; creating a shared vision, motivating each other, raising expectations, promoting trust and achieving a structure that will allow for an enterprise and large family to thrive for generations. A game changer. Truly world class."
Mayur Shah
G2 Family Member, Managing Director of Kenafric Group
We have been a family-owning business for over five decades. We currently have four rapidly- growing generations of family members, with several second and third-generation members actively working in the day-to-day business. Hiring a business consultant, but more for the family business aspect, was an idea that was always thrown around. Knowing the many different family dynamics, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We knew it eventually had to be done, but we were still “flying by the seat of our pants” like we were known to do. None of us realized the complexity of trying to successfully preserve the legacy of a family business, “successfully” being the keyword…until we met Jean. We were introduced to Jean in 2018, hoping she could help us navigate the second generation’s strategic exit while supporting the third generation’s succession. As we entered unchartered waters, we couldn’t articulate precisely what we needed, but we knew we needed her guidance & expertise if we didn’t want to become a statistic. Fast-forward to 2023, and thanks to her guidance, patience, tough love, and professionalism, we are on the right path to continuing to thrive into the third generation and beyond with our never-before-established systems and procedures (i.e., our fully-developed family governance). We have also successfully implemented career paths for the NextGens while creating various helpful tools for them to use along the way. Jean and her team at Positively People are as emotionally and mentally invested in our family business as we are. Knowing they are walking with us and helping to define a clear path forward for the continuity of our enterprise and its legacy as we all transition is invaluable.
Elizabeth Bondy DeLacerda
Employee Relations/Human Resources