Family Business Meetings and Leveraging Virtual Platforms

Gentleman using a grey laptop as he Leverages Virtual Platforms in a family businessOne thing that many firms struggled with over the pandemic was staying connected. Even family business meetings had to pivot to virtual platforms. Many of these companies previously met with little technology which created a challenging transition. Today, many professionals still struggle with making the most of their remote systems.

We assist increasingly more firms with expanding their virtual meeting capabilities. In this blog article, we discuss a few things that Positively People discovered during COVID that may also help you.

Finding the Family Fun in Distant Times

Many people abruptly changed from traveling social butterflies to safely self-isolating. Over these months, they felt cooped up, tense, and with a lot on their minds. Which often caused a  dilution of their focus.

One way to get more comfortable with virtual platforms is to use them for fun. Several company members and family members can play games together online. Some enjoy distant movie nights, while others prefer tabletop games. Discovering ways of enjoying time on these platforms can help make them less stressful.

Keep Family Meetings Short

One positive thing that emerged from meeting virtually is that it took less time. By not seeing each other physically, time isn’t wasted as much with chatter and small talk. Shorter family meetings occurring more often can be both practical and effective. It’s a great way to keep discussions focused and more efficient.

Use This Time to Improve the Brand

It can sometimes feel impossible to plan for the future when everything feels so uncertain. That is why some types of discussions are more effective via videoconferencing.

Many companies find realignment efforts and family business succession planning go well over a virtual meeting. That is because everyone is standing outside of the organization, so they can often see problems that may have been hidden in plain sight before. Even leadership transitions can occur online without missing a beat. 

Solving Conflict That is Often Ignored

Another item that seems to become easier is to solve any outstanding bad blood. Now that you aren’t physically together, it is best to address it and take care of it. Utilizing online platforms can allow for more meaningful conversations than in the boardroom. With everyone connected where they feel the most comfortable, tensions aren’t as high.

A happier family is one that worries less about petty fighting. Give your firm the best family business advisory team with us and have improved relationships.

Expand Access to Family Business Consulting

Another advantage of virtual platforms is that they allow for a broader range of resources. Specifically, those who can guide you without being physically present. Hosting meetings online allows anyone to join from any location. That can mean inviting experts from across the country.

You may even be able to offer discounted services since these meetups happen virtually. It’s another option that could be available for making your family business meetings more effective.

Hire Us for Better Family Business Meetings

When you know that your meetings could accomplish more, contact us. Our advisors know how to maximize the effectiveness of any board.

We help you find pride in securing your family’s legacy. Choose Positively People for better business decisions. 

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