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Dynamic Expert Speaker and Global Consultant

Jean Meeks-Koch has a burning passion for unlocking the hidden potential of people and organizations. With a wealth of knowledge and skills in leadership and organizational development, Jean captivates audiences with her insights on leadership, governance, communication, change management, and team-building.

Jean’s dynamic and interactive presentations will empower you to achieve your goals, whether you want to ignite your team, energize your organization, or elevate your leadership skills. You will walk away with practical tools and strategies you can apply immediately.

Are you interested in booking Jean for a speaking engagement? She can customize her presentations to suit your organization’s needs and deliver them in person or online. Check out the topic icons below and see a sample of her talks.

Top Motivational Keynote Address and Speaking Topics

Any of our topics can be delivered in a short 30 – 45 minute insightful, interactive style.

Motivation is the fuel that powers our engines and drives us forward toward our goals. It gives us the energy and determination to overcome obstacles and succeed. On the other hand, empowerment is the key that unlocks our full potential and gives us the tools and resources to take control of our lives and make positive changes.

Jean’s story is truly inspiring. She embodies a resilient and positive mindset, having lost everything but still managing to rebuild her life with five children. Her story motivates leaders to stay the course, be resilient, and never give up.

Keynote Topics Include:
  • Stay Curious: It Didn’t Kill The Cat; It Unleashed Eight More Powerful Lives!
  • How To Overcome Fear And Anxiety, The Power Of Positive Framing
  • How To Develop A Growth Mindset 
  • How To Build Resilience In Difficult Times
  • How To Set And Achieve Goals
  • The Importance Of Leading By Example
  • Let Go To Grow – Empower Your Team Through A Culture Of Trust And Accountability!
  • How To Build A Positive Company Culture
  • How To Develop Emotional Intelligence As A Leader
  • Express Yourself: Empowerment Is Largely About Being Able To Express Your Thoughts And Feelings Eloquently, Unapologetically, And Respectfully.

Vision is the key to unlocking a new future. Without it, we remain stuck in the status quo. Jean is a visionary strategist who can see beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and bring her ideas to life. She inspires others to buy into her vision and has an organizational mindset that allows her to execute her plans with incredible results. If you want your leaders to be inspired and motivated to execute their plans with incredible results, ask Jean for help.

Keynote Topics Include:
  • How To Bridge The Gap Between Vision And Execution
  • Aligning Short-Term Strategies With A Longer-Term Vision
  • Balancing Strategy And Execution
  • How To Think And Plan Strategically
  • If You Don’t Know Where You Want To Go, No Roads Will Get You There!

As humans, we are always in motion, and this means we are always changing. Change can be positive or negative, and Jean knows what it takes to make positive change happen. Jean is passionate about change and has developed a framework called TADAP™ to move from a present state to a desired future state through alignment and passionate performance. Let Jean ignite a change management mindset in your teams.

Keynote Topics Include:
  • The Importance Of Change Management In Today’s Business Environment
  • How To Develop A Change Management Plan
  • The Role Of Leadership In Change Management
  • The Psychology Of Change And How It Affects People
  • How To Communicate Change Effectively
  • Change Management Best Practices

Family-owned enterprises are the heartbeat of economies worldwide. These enterprises are very different from any other business environment because they have one precious component: family. Navigating the choppy waters of family dynamics through generational transitions is both an art and a science. Jean knows how family dynamics play out in business – positively and negatively. She is one of six siblings, has run and lost a family business through tragedy, and restarted a solo endeavor only for it to grow into another dynamic family business. Let her inspire your family.

Keynote Topics Include:
  • The Importance Of Family Values In Business
  • How To Navigate Family Dynamics In The Business
  • The Role Of Leadership In Family Businesses
  • Succession Planning For Family Businesses.
  • How To Communicate Effectively In A Family Business And In The Family
  • Family Business Best Practices

Notable Keynotes + Appearances

Oregon Health Science University
Young Presidents Organization
Association of General Contractors
The University of Denver
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Workshops & Training

Get the expert guidance and support you need for your family business with our team of highly trained professionals. Let us help you tackle your succession planning and business challenges with confidence and ease.

Everybody aspires to be valued for their work and treated with respect. Company culture is best defined as “the way things get done around here.” Culture is created by both deliberate choices and unintended signals.

Participants self-assess sources of their personal power and motivations, and their skill at influencing others. We will explore communication and influence, with a novel focus on personal power vs. authoritative behaviors.

Today’s workplace is a multi-cultural, dynamic community of people representing five generations. Our workshops focus on the distinct issues your organization faces within its own mix.

Using the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ as a foundation, we uniquely build a workshop that focuses on the specific needs of the group based on evidence-based, validated data.

Wherever two or more people come together, conflict may arise. This course will explore various methods to resolve conflict disputes of any size. Your participants will also gain skills in solution building and finding common ground.

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