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We help you focus on the potential of your people.

Whether you’re a multi-generational family business challenged with succession planning, team cohesion, board creation, or personnel development; people will always be placed at the center of your business. It is our mission to help your organization see their potential to help your business thrive and succeed. We believe every organization has the same need: people pulling in the same direction, committed to the same vision, mission, values, and goals.

Continuity and Succession Planning

Succession planning brings clarity to the processes, responsibilities, and expectations necessary for an orderly transition of power within your business. Ultimately it ensures stability, growth, and the best possible future for both the business and the family.

Next Gen Leadership Coaching

You’ve worked hard to improve your organization. Now it’s time to work on growing your people. Next Gen Leadership Coaching effectively empowers future leaders with the skills, strength, and self-belief they need to achieve their potential.


Whether it’s the business or the family, having a clear and effective way to make decisions, hold people accountable, manage risks, and guide behavior is essential. Good governance builds the base for lasting success, wealth protection, and family unity.

Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting helps families navigate the process of turning their business into a legacy for generations to come. The hardest part is how to begin; we have the expertise and the guidance to make it happen.

Our Process

The proprietary TADAP™ Model

The TADAP™ model helps to unleash powerful, positive synergy in organizations and revolutionizes traditional problem-solving methods. 

While studying the five major theories of organizational change at Saybrook University, Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch developed what she coined the TADAP™ model of change. Through her doctoral research, which focused on creating a comprehensive model for planning executing, and sustaining change, Dr. Meeks-Koch developed a model that incorporates the best that the five theories had to offer. She boiled it down to these stages: readiness to Transform, Acknowledge your current state, Define your future, Align systems, and Produce results.

Hear what others are saying

"For over a decade I have had the opportunity to partner with Jean Meeks Koch and her team at Positively People. Jean is more than a consultant she has accompanied our company through the best of times and through some of our greatest struggles. Always with a focus of building on strengths, developing people and helping them to show up as their best selves, and growing intentionality at the individual and organizational levels. Jean has an incredible sense of what makes organizations work and helps to position them to thrive for the long term. From my experience with Jean, I am a stronger and more well-rounded leader, and the organization is stronger than ever. Jean not only helped us solve problems, she helped us grow beyond them."
Kim Scott
President and CEO from 2004-2023 Current Executive Director of the Trillium Family Services Foundation
Sometimes change means being reminded about the person that you want to be rather than the person that others see you as. What Jean did for the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd generations at the company was to get us to listen, think and to learn. Yes, Jean introduced new concepts to us as well as things that we already knew but had forgotten how to apply. She helped us create a vision for the company but more importantly a vision for each one of us individually and collectively. What we found is that we had more in common than we had differences. She taught us how to build on our strengths and how to work through reconciliation of our differences. The team at the company is stronger and more united in our approach and it can be seen in our financial results and harmony in the family and company. We are not perfect, but now the journey has a road map and common language to address the challenges in our business and interpersonal skills. We are a stronger family and management team because of the time that we spent with Jean. Thank you, Jean, for your patience and knowledge in reminding us how our strengths and differences make us a stronger family.
Larry Hutchison
CEO/President UEI Group, 2nd Generation Family Member.
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HR Compliant Behavioral Assessments
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