Business Coaching: What Are the Benefits?

Is your family business functioning at the highest possible level? There’s nothing simple about running a family business. Whether you’ve got five employees or 500, keeping your day-to-day operations in line with your tradition, as well as your long-term goals and vision can be a struggle. It takes a company-wide effort to create an efficient […]

Make Better Hiring Decisions: The Ultimate PXT Assessment Guide

Think about a business like a basketball team. You have leadership positions – the coach, general manager, etc. and you have the players. And in order to cultivate success on your team, you need talented, hardworking leaders and players. It’s the same in business – you need to hire the right people for the job […]

Team Building: The Benefits of the Five Behaviors Assessment

Achieving optimum performance for your company is something that every entrepreneur should strive to accomplish. Interestingly, however, not every business owner understands the steps that they need to take. The benefits of properly configuring your team are often overlooked, and this can be achieved through the five behaviors assessment. Let’s explore what you should know. What Are […]

Three Ways To Handle Disagreements in the Workplace

The workplace is somewhere where the average person spends about 13 years of their life; so you obviously want to be in an environment where you are comfortable and welcomed. Unfortunately, there are going to be times where you are faced with certain challenges; such as stress, financials, and disagreements with your colleagues. Though stress […]

COVID-19 Vs. Mental Health

COVID-19 has taken this whole world by storm and is creating havoc physically and mentally. Not only is COVID-19 killing people, but it is causing mental issues to millions, if not billions of people. That said, we at Positively People are doing what we can to spread awareness to mental health. If you or someone […]

How a Company can Encourage Philanthropy

Today, there is no denying how important philanthropy is for businesses across the world. Corporate philanthropy can have major benefits for a company, whether it is volunteering in the local community, supporting causes that are important to you, or making donations. Encouraging philanthropy in the workplace can attract talented individuals who want to work with […]

Connecting Generations Through Philanthropy

As we approach the holiday season, we all must reflect on what this time of year is really about: giving back. 81% of the world’s largest family enterprises are currently engaging in philanthropy and these family businesses maintain a high level of corporate social responsibility regardless of the economic climate. These companies likely understand that […]

Keeping the Holidays Happy

As we all plan to eat turkey, relax and make New Year’s resolutions, the stress of being of the holidays cannot be forgotten. This stress is normally associated with family during this time of year and is only amplified if you’re all in business together! Don’t feel as though you are the only one, a […]

Transitions in the Family: Succession Planning

Transitioning your family business from one generation to another can be a very complex task that may cause tension and uncertainty in the family dynamic. Some individuals may fear this strain on the family and delay succession planning. However, all businesses will eventually transition to new leaders. Waiting to plan the future could be detrimental […]

Transitions in the Workplace

Change is inevitable, whether it be personal change or a shift in the workplace, your environment will never cease to constantly evolve. Transitions in the workplace can take many forms. They can come in the form of a relocation to a new city, a promotion, or a move to a new company. These employee transition […]