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Three Ways To Handle Disagreements in the Workplace

The workplace is somewhere where the average person spends about 13 years of their life; so you obviously want to be in an environment where you are comfortable and welcomed. Unfortunately, there are going to be times where you are faced with certain challenges; such as stress, financials, and disagreements with your colleagues. Though stress and financial challenges are important to talk about, we would like to share three simple ways you can handle disagreements that may arise within the workplace. 


1.) Listen

This might be the most powerful skill a person can hold. When you are facing someone with a difference of opinion, it is common for the altercation to become heated. Furthermore, it is important for you not to get stuck in the “fight”; but rather listen to what the other person has to say. Though you may disagree with what they are saying, they have the right to feel however they want to feel about whatever situation. 


2.) Seek to Understand


It is human nature to feel that you are the one who is right in any altercation that may arise, but there is a good chance that you may be lacking knowledge on somethings as well. A good example of this is the topic of Gender Equality in the workplace. Let’s say you are a male and you find yourself in a conversation with a female colleague who is upset that she lost a promotion to a male counterpart. In her opinion, she feels it is because she is a female. Instead of tossing her feelings aside, take a step back, and understand it from her perspective. 


3.) Look for Similarities, not Differences

The best way to resolve a disagreement of any capacity is to find common ground. Instead of concentrating on the differences that could grow you wider, focus on similarities that could potentially close the gap. You might not agree with everything your colleague is expressing, but just finding one thing similar could move mountains.