How a Company can Encourage Philanthropy

Today, there is no denying how important philanthropy is for businesses across the world. Corporate philanthropy can have major benefits for a company, whether it is volunteering in the local community, supporting causes that are important to you, or making donations. Encouraging philanthropy in the workplace can attract talented individuals who want to work with an employer who cares about the community and the world. Here are the four major ways that management can encourage and aid in their employees getting involved in philanthropic activities. 

Offer volunteer time off. A great way companies can support their employees to invest time in philanthropic efforts is offering them volunteer time off. This level of social responsibility can also help attract and retain talent. 

Create team-building volunteering projects. Turning volunteering projects into team-building opportunities will not only enable the organization to do something good for others, reflecting the vulture of your company while also building a stronger team. 

Partner with a charity. For long-term opportunities to be involved in charitable actions in your community, companies could partner with a dedicated organization that they feel well represents their company’s culture. 

Make company-wide philanthropic events. Individuals get excited about charitable drives and giving back to the community that they live and work in. Not only is hosting a company-wide event a great way to build a cohesive team, it will also show the community a charitable image of the company and helps to convey your values and culture. 

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