COVID-19 Vs. Mental Health

COVID-19 has taken this whole world by storm and is creating havoc physically and mentally. Not only is COVID-19 killing people, but it is causing mental issues to millions, if not billions of people. That said, we at Positively People are doing what we can to spread awareness to mental health. If you or someone you know is struggling, we encourage you to help improve the situation. Below, we will provide a few steps to help improve mental health, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1.) Treat your body right.

  • Your body must be treated like royalty. Some things you can do are exercise, eat healthily, have a good sleep schedule, and practice mindfulness breathing. 

2.) Talk to people you love.

  • The people you love are most likely the people who know you the best, so we encourage you to take more time to have meaningful conversations with such people. If there is anyone who can help you feel better, it will be someone you love. 

3.) Follow a Schedule.

  • Following a daily schedule provides you with a sense of direction and security. Scheduling will train your mind to forget about negative thoughts and focus on the next task ahead. 

4.) Limit the amount of time you spend on TV and Social Media.

  • Media will continue to provide negative news that will ultimately lead you to feel scared, worried, and sad. It is good to stay informed about current events but do not over-do it. The more media you consume, the deeper mental hole you will find yourself.

5.) Get help.

  • Lastly, we 100% recommend that you find professional help if it is needed. It can be very beneficial to have an expert to talk to and teach coping skills in a time like this. 

Overall, we care about your mental health and want to remind you that you are not alone. Below we provided a video from Psych Hub Education that we find beneficial to anyone curious or struggling with mental health.

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