7 Conflict Management Tips for Family Businesses

From your local “mom and pop shop” to mass-market family corporations, family-run businesses are some of the most successful in the country. In the United States, family-run businesses have almost a 25-year lifespan, with 40% of companies being passed down to the second generation. While all businesses come with their share of conflicts, family business comes […]

How to Lead Your Family Business During a Crisis

Did you know that even though 627,000 new businesses open up each year, 595,000 small businesses close each year?! That’s quite a substantial amount. Part of the closures has to do with the economy or uncontrollable events like the pandemic. But a lot of the closures might also have to do with a family business crisis. If […]

Business Coaching: What Are the Benefits?

Is your family business functioning at the highest possible level? There’s nothing simple about running a family business. Whether you’ve got five employees or 500, keeping your day-to-day operations in line with your tradition, as well as your long-term goals and vision can be a struggle. It takes a company-wide effort to create an efficient […]

6 Tips for Effective Business Communication in the Digital Age

In a study of 400 companies with 100,000 employees, it was found that poor communication lead to an average loss of $62.4 million per company per year. Learning how to improve business communication is essential in this digital age, as it helps businesses connect and communicate with their employees and customers. Do you want to […]

7 Things You Should Know About a Family Business Consulting Group

Running a family business is a hallmark of the American Dream. Doing this lets you work with your family members to create a shared dream together. However, running a business can bring many challenges that your family may not be prepared for. These challenges can take several forms, from family business succession to economic issues. […]

6 Tips for Family Business Consulting

A Positively People Representative consulting with a couple on their Family Business

Family businesses make up the majority of the world’s wealth; thus, their influence is vast. In the US alone, the 5.5 million family businesses make up 57 percent of the country’s GDP. They employ over 98 million people and are responsible for 78 percent of jobs created. This proves that there’s a strong need to […]

Succession Planning: What Family-Owned Companies Need to Know

Succession Planning: What Family-Owned Companies Need to Know What is succession planning, and how important is it for family-owned companies and small businesses? Here’s everything you need to know. Every year across America, an estimated 100,000 businesses are passed down within families. These range from family restaurants, to family construction companies, estate agents, and any other business […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Working With a Business Consultant

Businesses in the US pay over $2 billion to management consultant professionals for their services. Still, a majority of small businesses try to make individual or combined efforts. For most of these businesses, hiring a business consultant doesn’t make any sense. However, no matter how innovative you are, chances are, you can benefit greatly from a business […]

8 Lucrative Family Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

Did you know nearly 40% of family businesses pass down to a second generation? It’s an incredible success rate, and it shows that families who work together with a common goal can achieve anything. Are you ready to jump in and start a business with your family? Though family businesses have a higher success rate, that doesn’t […]

Shifting Your Mindset for the New Normal

The year 2020 was an unprecedented year due to the global pandemic, a heated political sphere, and how each impacted our daily work lives. We have created a ‘new normal in how we do almost everything in our everyday routines. As the new year is upon us and businesses are slowly re-opening in the light […]