Engagement is the Backbone of Your Family Business’ Success

Engagement matters more than on your brand’s social media accounts. For a family business, it needs to start within the organization, especially with your younger members. When planning for the next generation, engagement needs to happen early and often. That way, you can forge an emotional investment in the company. Organizations often seek out third […]

How to Select a Qualified Family Business Director

How do you keep your family business on the right track? Like any company, it needs the right director to maintain the course. That doesn’t mean that finding a qualified family business director is easy. Even with keeping the brand in the family, there is a lot of work that goes into it. The process […]

Resolving Differences and Conflict with Family Business Advisory

One of the most important ways that family business advisory helps, is with resolving differences and conflict. A trusted third party can safely offer insight without making the situation worse. Unfortunately, not every family business sees the value in resolving differences. You can almost bet that their brand will not last much longer when that […]

Family Business Consulting: Who Should Your Brand Trust?

Family business consulting plays a vital role in keeping brands afloat. Unfortunately, not every firm will seek out guidance, causing them to shutter under hubris. Many brands are also suspicious of anyone outside of their immediate family. Business, however, doesn’t care what your last name is when there are bills to pay. That is why […]

3 Ways to Measure Your Family Business’ ROI

When operating a family business, how do you measure its success? For many, it’s finding out how to keep the brand under your family’s control. Family business succession is growing increasingly difficult as more households have fewer children. Unfortunately, that could mean your company could be bought out by a third party. Not every family […]

5 Steps to Family Business Harmony

Out of the 5.5 million family-owned businesses, 90% of them feel their success is due to their accomplishments in the community, longevity as a business, and goal to keep employees and constituents happy. Having a tight team of relatives helps with all three of these commitments, but it is not without a lot of work. The good […]

Family Business Change Management Tips in 2022

Did you know it’s estimated that 70% of change programs fail to reach their goals? Change can be good and needed, but it’s also very difficult to get people to change their ways. That’s why business change management is important for companies of every size. Change can be tough in any company, but a change in a family […]

How a Family Governance Plan Can Help Your Business

The future of a family business can seem far away when it first opens its doors. The company founder was likely pursuing a dream, a desire to have control over the future, or want to pay the bills. Times change and a company, like a family, changes and grows over the years. When members of […]

Family Business Continuity Planning: What Should It Include?

Are you a family business owner thinking about the legacy of your company? Business continuity planning is vital for family business leaders. When a family business fails, so does the family legacy. Many family-owned companies take the time to develop more comprehensive crisis management strategies. Yet, many others overlook the business continuity concerns that a […]

How to Nurture the Next Generation in Family Business

An estimated 90% of all businesses in the United States are family-owned or controlled. From this statistic, it’s clear that family businesses form the backbone of the US economy. A big part of owning a family business is constantly thinking about the future of the enterprise. That entails business succession planning. The fact is that you won’t […]