COVID-19 Vs. Mental Health

COVID-19 has taken this whole world by storm and is creating havoc physically and mentally. Not only is COVID-19 killing people, but it is causing mental issues to millions, if not billions of people. That said, we at Positively People are doing what we can to spread awareness to mental health. If you or someone […]

The Importance of Family Values in the Business

Studies have shown that family businesses are more resilient than non-family businesses. The reason for this is that family businesses are better able to take a long-term perspective and focus on the benefits and legacy for future generations. However, the most important factor in this longevity is core family values. Core family values, similar to […]

Transitions in the Family: Succession Planning

Transitioning your family business from one generation to another can be a very complex task that may cause tension and uncertainty in the family dynamic. Some individuals may fear this strain on the family and delay succession planning. However, all businesses will eventually transition to new leaders. Waiting to plan the future could be detrimental […]