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Demystifying the Two Pillars of Family Enterprise Governance

Governance: It’s Not About a Board!

When we talk about good governance, the knee-jerk reaction is, we don’t need a board. But governance is more than just having a board. It means separating family and business decisions, which is crucial for successful family businesses. By setting up fair rules, clear decision-making, and strong structures, families can handle problems, avoid fights, and keep relationships strong, ensuring the family business thrives for generations.

Be a part of this interactive two-part series that takes you through:

  • The concept of the three-circle Family-Owned Enterprise model and apply the model to the development of your Corporate and Family Governance Structures.
  • Learn how governance structures and policies interact to elicit constructive shareholder engagement and organizational effectiveness, increase profitability, and lower risk.
  • Understand and define the roles of owners and the responsibilities of family councils, boards, and executive management.
  • Design an appropriate, optimal governance structure for your family-owned business enterprise.
  • Explore the fundamentals of a strong comprehensive Family Constitution Framework.
  • Acquire skills needed to champion the governance processes effectively.

Family Business Essentials & Pillars for Sustainability and Success

Despite 81% of EAC family-owned businesses aiming to establish a lasting legacy, less than 12%
have created formal succession plans or developed effective multi-generational family
governance structures. Family Essentials and Principles provide strategies to address this
issue, such as enhancing communication, aligning business values, understanding historical
business stories, and developing a future plan.

The program provides classroom and experiential learning activities to equip participants
with the necessary skills to navigate family cultural dynamics and prepare them for critical
succession planning conversations.

Engage with our international and local experts, led by Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch, PhD, FFI Fellow,
ACFBA with 24+ years of experience in the family-owned and tightly held business discipline.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a family business philosophy that aligns with the family’s core values and fosters a
    strong foundation of trust.
  • Identify the differences between non-family and family-owned businesses that create
    unusual challenges not experienced in a non-family business.
  • Acquire tools to successfully navigate challenging family cultural dynamics, manage conflicts
    and differences and communicate effectively with family members.
  • Learn how clear organizational principles can increase your business’s value.
  • Define what governance framework will best support your family and business goals.
  • Explore the four key questions critical to overcoming resistance and creating a positive
    succession planning process.
  • Develop a clear contingency plan for business continuity that can be communicated to family
  • Enhance skills in managing the financial rewards and risks associated with growing a
    sustainable family business.

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