When is the Right Time to Seek Family Business Consulting

Business women having a discussion on Family Business ConsultingMany companies will only hire family business consulting as a last resort. Other firms rely on frequent suggestions from these experts before making any decisions. While no brand has the same journey, there are a lot of shared growing pains. That is why hiring a family business advisory service is a good idea.

We support many firms in finding the perfect solutions for their unique struggles. Learn more about how Positively People supports your family business with proven strategies.

Understand the Value in Family Business Consulting

Some family governance boards simply don’t see the value in hiring a consultant. They assume they should spend their money elsewhere because they don’t think it offers tangible results. What they don’t understand is that family business consulting reinvests in the firm through other improvements. That becomes especially true as more people join through marriage or independent hires.

Recognizing the full extent of your pool of talent is what gets success. That usually requires an outside consultant to make objective observations and provide solid advice.

What Scenarios Benefit from Family Business Consulting?

There are limits on what a consultant can do, but there are many scenarios that benefit from having one. Unfortunately, some firms hold off on seeking help until the future becomes bleak. That is why it’s best to become proactive and seek out advice when the brand is actively growing. These professionals are better equipped to analyze problems than those from the family.

Other families may only rely on consultants when the fighting and some bad blood has started to boil. It’s best to avoid these kinds of issues before they flare out of control. Get ahead of it all with consulting services beforehand.

Can I Trust Someone Who is Offering Family Business Consulting?

There have been stories about consultants who allow temptation to take over. Once they have access to the firm’s financial information, they become greedy. While you should trust your consultants for most things, there are some limits. Ensure you don’t hand them full control of anything you want to protect.

Some companies feel comfortable sharing passwords, while others only want to get advice. If your consultant doesn’t treat all of your family members respectfully, they may not be the right fit and you should find someone else that will.

What Does Family Business Consulting Involve?

What your consultant can solve for you depends on where your problems are. An experienced advisor knows how to read between the lines of financial documents. Some can also help you review goals and capabilities, while others recommend restructuring the company. Most professionals begin with mining your books for common pitfalls that many businesses face.

Everything from your vision statement to annual sales should be reviewed. Make sure you hire a consultant with the experience you can trust.

Start From the Beginning

Sometimes, the best way to see growth is for consultants to start fresh. Have them dive in head-first until they know the company better than you do. You should also collaborate with them to schedule how often you meet together. That can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on your needs.

Don’t wait for an impasse among family members to start using a consultant as a tiebreaker. 

Hire Our Family Business Consultants

Even the most successful family businesses can’t handle everything alone. Start continuity planning for any issues your firm could face.

We offer practical guidance through every problem that could be holding you back. Whatever you need from your consultant, Positively People offers it with experienced advisors. Contact us today to see if we’re a good fit for your company.

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