Family Business

Multigenerational Family Business Consulting and Guidance

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Family Business

Like families, family businesses come in many forms. Whether you are operating within a multi-generational company, managing a family foundation or running a family company, you face challenges. While DNA may unite you, the stresses of business combined with emotional relationships often require deft navigation.

Positively People’s credentials in multigenerational family business advising includes:

  • Family Firm Institute certified family business advisers. 
  • International and national family business speakers and workshop facilitators.
  • Consultants who are also seasoned faculty-practitioners, teaching both next generation family leaders, as well as family business practitioners. 

We are committed to guide you through:

Continuity planning 

Passing a healthy business along to the next generation takes advance planning. We work closely with family leaders and the next generation to draw the road map; and we stand with you to coach the implementation.

Family Governance

Why and what is governance in the family business? Governance creates the structures and processes that enable seasoned and emerging owners to make decisions together, foster communication, and secure channels of education and learning. Achieve this through family meetings, convening a family assembly or establishing a family council  under the umbrella of a family charter or constitution.

Conflict resolution 

Issues can arise within and between generations. Outside perspective is often the key to illuminating the way forward. We provide tools to create an environment for productive conflict and consensus building.

Meeting facilitation 

Professionalizing internal meetings creates a culture of discipline, which we provide through agendas, facilitation and follow-up techniques.

NexGen leadership development 

Familial love is blind. Our advisers help evaluate and prepare next generation leaders to take the reigns.

Strategic management 

Your family business can benefit from our work in strategy-execution. We help you turn strategy into action, in the form of team building, performance and accountability management, individual professional development plans and transition planning.

Policy and document writing

Drafting and adopting your Family Constitution can prevent many conflicts. Positively People actively works with you to navigate the choppy waters of policy drafting and crafting.