Dr. Uvyu C. Mbole

Dr. Uvyu Mbole, a seasoned strategic planner, adept team facilitator, and dedicated trainer, has consistently left a profound impact on organizations. Following seventeen transformative years at USIU-Africa, he now holds the position of Senior Director for PP-Africa. Throughout his career, Dr. Mbole has excelled in various roles including Head of Alumni Affairs, Principal in Admissions, and culminating as the Executive Manager for the Center of Executive Education. His expertise spans diverse fields such as institutional capacity building, strategic planning and execution, program management, research, international marketing programs, development of specialized training programs, and partnership cultivation. Currently, his focus lies in realigning USIU-Africa’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan for optimal outcomes.

Uvyu is a dedicated volunteer deeply involved in pivotal initiatives in Kenya, notably the World Rally Championship – Safari Rally Kenya, where he has been actively engaged since 2019 as a Stage Safety Officer. Recently, he was appointed by the WRC Kenya Rally Senate to lead as Chair of a Task Force and serve as the Lead Stage Safety Officer for the 2024 Rally. In this crucial capacity, he will oversee the deployment of over 600 Safety Marshals and manage safety across three stages during the WRC Safari Rally 2024 event.

His exceptional communication skills and problem-solving prowess, coupled with his ability to foster a positive work environment, have consistently empowered him to mentor young men, nurturing them into the leaders of tomorrow.

As a seasoned trainer, Uvyu has conducted impactful sessions on various subjects including culture change, strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation systems. He has delivered these trainings to esteemed organizations such as the Tourism Fund – Kenya and the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC).

Dr. Mbole’s educational background is distinguished by a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, complemented by a Master of Science in Management & Organizational Development, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, both earned from USIU-Africa. Notable among his academic achievements is the patent UM 429 for “A location-based training system for conducting learning sessions,” alongside two copyrighted works: “Strategic Planning Implementation (The Trophy Model)” and “Business Intelligence Dashboard Monitoring Evaluation of Strategic Plans (BIDMESP).”

His research endeavors are equally impressive, encompassing seven published works and the creation of five educational short films geared towards youth education, in collaboration with the USIU-Africa Drama Club, where he serves as a Patron.

Education –

  • Doctoral Degree in Business Administration, Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  • Master of Science in Management & Organizational Development, USIU-Africa
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, USIU-Africa