Positively People Helped Bring Three Times The Growth

Positively People Helped Bring Three Times The Growth to Tech Labs

Video Transcript:

Tech Labs is a family-owned over-the-counter pharmaceutical company. So our specialties are Potions and Lotions.

Our key brands are the tech new brand for poison oak and ivy and outdoor Itch, and the Lice free brand is the leading nontoxic headlight treatment.

We all work together. Our culture is really important, so when we come to work, what we’re doing is fun. We’re enjoying what we’re doing.

We grew from the garage, literally started out with just my dad and I, so I was able to take the company so far, but it was kind of a founder entrepreneur, and I was kind of at the end of my tether. You couldn’t just roll the dice and hope the process worked.

So Positively People came in and really surveyed the landscape of Tech Laboratories, really identifying red, yellow, and green areas, areas that we’re doing great in, and areas that we needed help organizationally as far as structure, and bench strength.

And we framed up the business actually to be able to grow to three times larger than we are right now. And Positively People helped us to map out that organizational architecture for us to get there.

It’s hard for me to imagine my life now without Positively People. They’ve helped us organizationally with organizational architecture.

And Positively People help to create a structure. So we’re hiring great people. We’re actually able to develop the talent and to develop the leadership.

There’s been tremendous growth both upon our leader team and then both with Steve and I as owners, learning to be better owners, learning to help develop our people better.

The wonderful thing about working with Positively People, or Jean in particular, is that she has the same vision of making our company a great place to work.

They come on board, they get to know you as family members, as employees, and then they become like family.


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