O’Brien Bloom Obiero

O’Brien is a dedicated Operations Support Specialist. With a passion for efficiency and a keen eye for detail, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our operations. As someone deeply committed to facilitating smooth And effective processes, he thrives in the dynamic world of operations support. A tech enthusiast at heart, his journey in Information Systems Technology has given him a comprehensive understanding of how technology can elevate operational efficiency. He is passionate about leveraging innovative solutions to drive optimal performance and seamless processes.

In his role, he focuses on optimizing our internal processes, streamlining workflows, and providing the necessary support to ensure that our teams can operate at their best.

He believes that a well-integrated, tech-driven operational framework is the backbone of any forward-thinking organization. By combining his passion for technology with operations support, he contributes to creating an environment where teams can thrive.

Education – United States International University – Africa: Major in information systems technology