The Ultimate Family Business Plan Webinar

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Did you know that 49% of business owners over the age of 60 do not have an exit plan?

Thirty-four percent of business owners over the age of 60 say they have a plan. However, it’s a plan that is only in their head. They have thought about it, perhaps scribbled a few sentences together, but they haven’t articulated it into an exit strategy plan. 

Family businesses are vital to the overall global economy, which is why Jean Meeks-Koch and Bernadette Watowich – Stead of Positively have teamed together to bring you the ultimate Business Succession Plan.  

What you learn: 

  • The 5 Steps that maximize the value of your business. 
  • Will cashing in or falling to cash in this asset affect your lifestyle at some point? 
  • Do you need the business to remain profitable after you leave the company? 
  • Can your business run without you? 
  • Is the next generation ready to take over the business? 

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