Transitions in the Workplace

Change is inevitable, whether it be personal change or a shift in the workplace, your environment will never cease to constantly evolve. Transitions in the workplace can take many forms. They can come in the form of a relocation to a new city, a promotion, or a move to a new company. These employee transition […]

Bullying in the Family Business

 It is not surprising bullying is alive and well in family business(es).  G1s created a thriving business through hard work, sweat equity, and a little luck.  Should they not call the shots, demand respect, and expect G2s to buck-up and toe the line?  G2s join the business with childhood jealousies, parental comparisons, and past wounds buried deep in […]

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say No Evil – The Rise of Workplace Bullies

Bullying is not a child’s behavior isolated to the schoolyard.  Bullying can take many forms and is not gender, ethnicity, age, or position-specific.  While most bullies are supervisors or “bosses,†bullying from coworkers, subordinates, clients, and customers occur.  Most would define bullying as repeated harassment or offensive or socially excluding behaviors.  Gary and Ruth Namie (1) define workplace bullying […]