image of bookThe Work of Leaders

Interwoven with humor and drawing from real-world scenarios, The Work of Leaders distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders at all levels get immediate results.



image of bookThe Eight Dimensions of Leadership

To be an effective leader you need to know your strengths—but that’s only part of the story. You also need a broad perspective on all the behaviors needed to be an effective leader. This book provides both.



image of bookPeak

PEAK is the popular, transformative guide to doing business better, written by a seasoned entrepreneur/CEO who has disrupted his favorite industry not once, but twice.



image of bookMore Than Family

This book explores the processes of hiring, managing, and retaining talented outside executives.



image of bookCompetencies at Work

Competencies At Work will equip readers to understand, build, and implement competency models as a foundational and integrating element in talent management systems.