Checkpoint 360

Checkpoint 360


The CheckPoint 360° survey combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and even others who work with your leaders to help leaders and managers improve their performance and deliver on strategic goals.

Survey results highlight a manager’s performance across eight management competencies: communication, leadership, adaptability, task management, relationships, production, development of others, and personal development. Organizations can use feedback from the survey to identify talents, talent gaps, and focus areas to build personalized development plans. It also helps determine alignment opportunities between the leader and the organizational strategy.

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The Checkpoint 360° Program for Leadership Assessment

The Checkpoint 360° is a program for leadership assessment to help managers identify and prioritize personal leadership skills and development opportunities.

Take Your Leadership Skills to the Next Level

Do you feel your leadership skills need some improvement? The 360° leadership assessment program is a tool you can use for leadership assessment to improve your leadership skills. It is also used to analyze and streamline management issues that can cause low employee morale, productivity, turnover, and satisfaction.

The assessment consists of a feedback system and a leadership assessment test from peers, direct reports, clients, and supervisors. The program is personalized to develop specific leadership skills assessments based on the feedback you receive.

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The Positively People team is made up of highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in offering administrative support. They have fast knowledge in planning, communication, scheduling, and organizational strategy. We have the best leadership assessment tools. Our leadership style assessment program is designed to improve your organization’s performance.

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