5 Ways to Reinforce Your Company’s Values

For any business, a strong sense of corporate values and a well-defined mission statement can help organize and motivate employees around a common goal and provide an important framework for business decisions. Here are 5 ways that, as leader, you can reinforce your company’s values in your day-to-day operations: 

  1. Live and Lead by example. Leaders are always being watched. By setting core values, and then failing to abide by them, is worse than not establishing core values at all. 
  2. Reinforce the values in all communication. Every employee touchpoint should reinforce the values. This includes meetings, newsletters and emails. 
  3. Ensure alignment between internal and external messaging. Companies must ensure alignment between internal and external messaging. Look at how your employees are communicating the brand and company attributes. Does the company messaging in marketing materials, on the website, LinkedIn profiles, accurately reflect the internal messages about the values. 
  4. Incorporate the values into your hiring process. Selecting candidates that culturally align with your organization is just as important as finding candidates that match your required experience level and skill set. 
  5. Recognize and reward values-centric behaviors.There are many ways to recognize the reward values-centric behaviors, including spot-bonuses, written recognition, etc

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